VR Activities

VR Chair 360°

Do you like the thrill of a rollercoaster?  If yes, then take a seat. The 360-degree rotating chair gives you an amazing experience in the virtual world.

VR Chair 3rd - 2 Players

With this 3-dimensional sensation, you will feel the wind blowing through your hair, the immersive sound and the vibration will pull you into this spectacular experience.

VR X-SHIP - 6 Players

Come and join us on this bumpy ride.  This multiplayer adventure will lead you into a different world, which is more lifelike than you could ever imagine.

VR Flight

Fly and attack like an eagle!

With this VR animation, you will dive with breath-taking speed straight into battle just like an eagle eyeing its prey.

VR Flight Plus

Try out this vertical flight experience and become the next Iron Man. With the 360-degree rotation and the special effects, you will raise up into unknown heights and conquer the world.

VR Team - 4 Players

This multiplayer shooting experience challenges you to defeat the terrifying monsters who are threatening your taskforce. Each team member will receive a firearm in order to survive.

VR Racing 2

Once you have put on your VR headset, you feel like a real Formula 1 driver. Due to the 360-degree vision, the vibrations, and the movement of the machine, you will become one with the car.

VR Slide

With the VR Slide you do not need the ocean to ride the waves but nevertheless will still feel the freedom of a surfer.


VR Magic Box

The VR Magic box is offering different types of VR games. You can enjoy action, adventure, and educational games.  This game is perfect for you if you want to taste the virtual world!

VR Motorcycle

Need for speed? Then the VR motorcycle is the right ride for you. With this experience, you will feel the sensation of a real motorcyclist.

Come and shift your gear!

VR Kids

The perfect first step for kids to discover the world of virtual reality. It combines the most imaginative and immersive virtual reality technology with advanced educational concepts.

7D Cinema -12 Players

If watching an ordinary movie is too boring for you then try out our interactive cinema. This VR experience will challenge all your senses. Come in and see, hear, smell, and touch the latest movie. This 7D movie provides fun for young and old!

AR Kids (Augmented reality projection game for kids)

This interactive paradise provides an excellent balance between entertaining and learning while combining the traditional ball pool playground with projection games.

Children can participate in game interaction by throwing the ball at moving targets like (Zombie assault, Crazy fishing, Christmas story, football pursuit, hostage rescue, animal played happily… etc).